The Cardiff Grass Cutting Calendar

The lawn care and mowing calendar is not the same in Inverness as it is in Cardiff! Here at the Garden Barber Cardiff, we’re accustomed to climate in South Wales. If you’re cutting grass in Inverness, you’ll need to add approximately two weeks, and likewise, if you’re in sunny Kent, you’ll need to cut your grass around two weeks sooner.

March In early spring, your grass will start to come out of winter hibernation and slowly start sending up fresh shoots. You’re want to start cutting your grass with a high cutting setting, mowing when the grass is as dry as possible.

Grass cutting
Grass care

April As temperatures begin to rise and growth increases, grass cutting should also be more frequent. Cut your grass on a high setting every two to three weeks.

May & June During the warmer weather you’ll need to mow more regularly, especially if we’ve had our usual Cardiff weather! Grass cutting should be no more than every three weeks, and should be on a medium/ short settings.

July & August If we’re lucky enough to have dry weather, your grass cutting should be every two weeks; if we’re really lucky to have it hot and dry, just increase the height on your lawn mower; if we have our typical wet Cardiff weather, cut as you would in May & June.

September The late summer and early autumn bring showers, making this a great time for our lawns. Good growing conditions means grass cutting should be more frequent at this time of year. Go as low as you can during this time, unless your lawn is prone to moss, then keep at a medium height, but mow more frequently.

October Grass cutting at this time of year really comes to a stop. Cut at a medium to high level to avoid exposing your soil to the coming winter winds.

November Regular grass cutting has stopped, rake any leaves off of your lawn to make sure what’s left can make the most of the little sun it can get.

Winter Lawn Mowing Avoid cutting grass on a frosty lawn. Check the weather forecast and don’t cut if you’re due frost in the next day or so. There’s nothing wrong with a light high cut during the winter months, and a good gardening service will continue to keep your lawn looking neat, even when your outdoors space has gone to sleep for the winter